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Sometimes life just gets in the way and you forget to write about it.  Or you’re just too busy living to write.  Both of those apply to me.
In the past 3 months or so, I’ve left my old job to go back to a lower paying, lower stress job.  I love it.  I’m substitute teaching a lot.  Sometimes I love that.  I’ve been spending a lot of time realizing how unbelievably REAL all of this is and having the, “Oh shit, is all of this real???” feeling, frequently combined with me doubting myself about what I’ve gotten myself into and whether I’m capable of it.
I think that technically speaking, I’m capable of it.  I have general elementary certification, K-12 social studies with my RX for 6-8, and I’m only sorta kinda behind on my pre-institute work (It’ll all get done before June 26, so I have no fear).  Mentally, I…

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May 12 2011

The big day

The big day is here.  Or at least one of them. Tomorrow is my interview day.  Not only is just interview day, but it’s also test result day, because clearly I wasn’t stressed out enough.  In reality, I’ve been hiding my fear well.  I’ve buried myself in my work.  Literally.  I’ve been working 6 or…

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When I received my notification back in November, I was given the placement of secondary math.  My first reaction was something along the lines, “Oh, crap.” I am not a math person.  At all. Some people in life can do math and just rock the hell out of it.  Other people stare blankly at it…

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Mar 02 2011

And it’s just like starting over

I ended a tumultous 3 year relationship today: I left my job. Sorta. I left the position I’ve had for 3 years…I’ve stepped down to a lower capacity now so I can focus on TFA.  Work consumed all hours of my life.  I was always on call for it.  I relied on it and it…

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It was decided on Wednesday that I need to make a decision on when I’m departing from my current job and how.  For most people, this would be easy–you set a date, pack up your things, and wave goodbye.  For me, it’s much harder.  I’ve basically had the same job since I was 16 (I’ve…

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Feb 03 2011

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time (also known as November), I decided to say yes to something I never thought I’d do: I said yes to becoming a 2011 Teach for America Corps Member in Detroit. Why did this seem like something I’d never do?  First off, I was long gone from my undergrad days.  I was…

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